The idea of an online art shop developed slowly over the last few years. After moving into a new house with many walls to decorate, I decided to go for ‘wisdom walls’ i.e. quotations, typography and scripture – the kind of art that makes me spend hours on Pinterest! I wanted the prints on my walls to double as inspiration to others. I love reading and I suppose I wanted the inside to come out.

My love for design started even before I went to the Johannesburg Art school, and since then, design is something that I do every day. I have worked as a professional graphic designer for years, mostly getting my hands ‘dirty’ with corporate clients.

I’ve always looked for a way to combine my love for design with my Christian faith and I have also asked the Lord for more time to devote to my small ministry. It was during the easter weekend earlier this year that I received a word about the wise servant who used his talents to extend his Master’s kingdom. I felt led to finally start this shop.

Since then I have looked for the best suppliers to help make the most of these living words. My aim is to bring you a range of high quality products: well loved passages from scripture combined with contemporary design. Add your own hand picked colour and you will have a beautiful piece for years to come.

I live and work in Johannesburg with my husband Jurgens, two daughters and two spoilt schnauzer boys. When I’m not on the computer working on a new project, I’m busy with my kids and ministry.

Yvette de Jager (Owner and founder)